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Community Hub

Little Professor’s Jonathan and Meredith Robinson are creating a bookstore that is far more than just a transactional experience.

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Meet Father Goose

Charles Ghigna’s hometown has played no small part in the more than 100 children’s books he has penned.

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Bold Like Red

Tom Findlay fills his gallery with paintings of vibrant trees, angels and Western landscapes—and that’s just the start of what you’ll find inside.

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Our Own Tapestry

Burgeoning record label Cornelius Chapel Records is putting out albums from Americana to alternative.

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Lettered by Hand

The vibrant colors and eye-popping detail in Mary Grace Whatley’s lettering and illustrations might just make you say “OMG.”

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In the Open Air

Abstract landscapes have always been Carolyn Coker’s superpower—and now she is gets to help shape the artistry of students in her neighborhood too.

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Musical Matchmaker

To some, Fretted Instruments may look like chaos. To Herb Trotman and others, it feels like home.

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