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Our Most 2020 Stories of 2020

When life gives you a pandemic, you tell pandemic stories. Here’s our collection of tales of weddings far from Plan A, community members serving those in need and more.

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The Jesus Man

If you ever drove down Lakeshore on a Saturday, you saw hundreds of signs and the iconic man preaching amongst them. Here’s his story.

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Wild, Wild West

If suffering is the spice of life, these five Homewood graduates did things right biking from Canada to Mexico.

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COVID Summer Vacation

Amy Holditch made her family’s corona summer one to remember with an RV trip up the East Coast and a few Clark Griswold-worthy moments along the way.

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Welcome to Mayberry

Homewood, widely referred to as an incarnation of Andy Griffith’s Mayberry, became even more Mayberry-like during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Life on the Rocks

With a pandemic comes layer and layer of uncertainty. Here are some of our neighbors’ stories of struggle, hope and giving back amidst it all.

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